DIY Christmas Garland






I used this inspiration picture (I think it was for sale on Joss & Main) to make the garland that now resides on our mantel shown above…

To make my version, follow these steps!

1. Gather your supplies.

DSC02927Not pictured is the most important supply of all.. hot glue gun and hot glue sticks! You will use a lot of it.

2. Cut 2 pieces of twine the desired length. Tie them together to give it a little more substance.


3. Wrap the twine around the stem of the branch. Make sure your placing the branch toward one end of the twine and not right in the middle.


4. Flip the branch so it is face down. Criss cross the twine and hot glue each side to the branch itself. Pull tight until it is dry enough to hold it in place.


5. Take the longer side of the twine and glue it a little further down the branch so the sprig will lay more horizontal than vertical. You may have to glue it in one more place as well.


6. Flip back over to admire it so far 🙂 Now you are ready to attach the berries!DSC02942

7. Cut a small sprig of berries off your larger branch.


8. Arrange it how you want and glue the stem to the back. (Excuse my chipped nail polish!)DSC02944

9. Now attach the bell! Thread a small length of twine through the hole and simply tie a knot around where you wrapped the twine around the branch so the twine blends in. I attached a bell only to every other greenery branch, but you can add as many as  you want!DSC02946



10. Done with the first one!


11. Repeat steps 2-10 until you’ve reached the end of your twine!


To see more of our Christmas decorations, click here!


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