New Curtains

House projects are coming along slower nowadays, but our living room has a welcome new addition. I bought curtains over a week ago and we finally got them hung on friday 🙂 Part of that has to do with the hardware we chose to hang them.

The curtains are from IKEA and I love them. Light and airy with a touch of detailing that keeps them from being too boring. The stitched stripes add visual height, a touch of black to tie in with other elements in the room, and  provides a handmade feel (although they are in no way handmade by me 😉 ).

These are the sheers that came with the house. They provide almost no privacy and are not exactly attractive either..(this picture was taken right before we hung the new ones, hence the random chairs and tools laying around)


And here are the new ones. It was impossible to get a good front-on picture during the day with my camera/novice photography skills. Hopefully these photos give you the gist!




We used pipe fittings from Home Depot as our curtain rod to go with the eclectic/rustic/indutrial/modern look we have going on in here 🙂


Still to come in this room is potentially a floor lamp in the corner by the curtains, a new pillow cover that I hope to use my new sewing machine for (!)  and a wall clock project. And whatever else may come up!

Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “New Curtains

  1. I like them, Jenna. Especially the hardware. That brick wall becomes more and more beautiful…it also looks “healthier”. Hope you both have a good week. Is it cold there?

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