Heat in the Basement!

Not gonna lie, I am pretty impressed with my hubby for being able to do this. He always reveals to me how much I DON’T know about construction..but thanks to him I’m learning!!

Our basement was pretty chilly before as there was no air vent pumping heat into it. Calder recently got a pet snake (I know, some of you are weirded out and are no longer going to read my blog 😉 ) and he has to keep it in the basement (in a corner away from plain view..ha). The snake can’t get too cold or it will die, hence the motivation to do this project!



(there was no hole here before!)



Moment of truth! Cutting our existing duct work..



Just past the cursing-underbreath-inducing step of fitting the new duct into the old duct..



new grate! looks profesh if I do say so myself!

DSC03197Go hubster!

Now the basement is nice and toasty 🙂




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