Maybe Someday Bedroom..

I’ve been daydreaming about house projects lately (when am I not?), specifically in our bedroom. I woke up the other morning with all these ideas and quickly sketched them out and jotted them down. For fun I threw it together on a mood board!

If all this stuff is around/in style still when we redo our bedroom then I totally want to take it this direction! It’s small, so I wanted to keep it light but I’m not a big fan of pastel colors so I was stumped for a bit on what to do with wall treatment. But then I saw these images and I was inspired!

pallett wood headboard



Here’s what I’m thinking for our room:

someday master bedroom


We have no timeline in mind for our bedroom…so I don’t know when we’d start on this. But I will update you as it happens! I always get so excited gathering my ideas and seeing them come to fruition!! 🙂

Who else is working on bedroom projects? Or any projects around the house? I’d love to hear about them!


3 thoughts on “Maybe Someday Bedroom..

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