Painted Countertops

So. We painted our countertops. That sounds scary and gross doesn’t it? But really it’s not. Because we used this amazing product!:


Which I first became aware of after reading this post at one of my favorite blogs. It is an epoxy paint, not a regular paint so it becomes this hard shell. It is not meant to be a permanent solution, but is a GREAT solution for the interim. We plan to put in hard surface counters in a year or two, but for $20 at Home Depot, you can’t beat the drastic impact this can make on a room! As you may remember, our house came with pink scratched laminate countertops:




And they amplified my not-so-favorite backsplash we also inherited. So, of course I was super excited to try this. We got the paint mixed at the paint counter (which we originally forgot to do so had to go back…) in the putty color choice. Then I cleared everything off our counters and they are parked for the next couple days in our dining room–you can’t use your counters for three days so it can dry/harden properly.



Then taped everything off, which I would highly recommend.


And got to work! It is pretty strong smelling, like a lot more than regular paint. So open your windows and wear a mask if you decide to do this. And voila! Here are the after pictures!!!





(Excuse all the paint swatches on the walls…still working on making that decision..ha!) But isn’t that a million times better!? Of course, it’s no granite or quartz. But at least I don’t have to look at pink counters for the next 2 years while we save for those. It even covered the scratches in the pink. And it kinda toned down the backsplash–but I still want to get rid of it.

The blog post I mentioned earlier gave a follow up post about how they hold up and she said after 5 months they were still doing well! A couple knicks here and there, but there was plenty of leftover paint for touch ups down the road. I will keep you posted on how it holds up!

So step one of temporary kitchen fix is complete! Step two is to cover that blue backsplash with white beadboard and step three is to finally paint the walls. Which we hope to complete all 3 steps by the end of the month! What projects are you all working on lately??


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