Bedroom Redo is Rollin’

So I posted a couple weeks ago about my potential plan for our bedroom here. And that I had no idea on the timeline for it to come to fruition. Well looks like it’s starting sooner than later because I found the perfect rugs at a great price and couldn’t pass them up!

I wanted an over-dyed persian looking rug, which can run up to $1000+ which I was not willing to spend. I came upon these synthetic ones that looked really great online.


They seemed to fit the bill so I went for it. I was holding my breath hoping they were just as good in person…which I’m happy to report that they are! So now we have these in our room and it is nice having a soft/warm surface to step out of bed onto. And our kitties love to attack imaginary mice on them!



The rest of the process will be slow going, one step at a time. As you may have noticed by the paint swatches hanging on the wall, I think the next step will be to paint. I’m excited to get started on it!

Also, i’m finally painting our kitchen walls today! So look for a post about that shortly!

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