Sunny Kitchen



After much deliberation, the kitchen finally has one uniform color on the walls instead of ugly brown, white, and 10 or so sample paint swatches–the state it has sat in for the past 3 months. Painting the counters opened up some doors color wise as we didn’t have to work around the pink anymore. This room doesn’t get much light so we started thinking a yellow might be fun. It would brighten things up and bring a warm color into our house that is mostly gray right now. The color we decided on is Martha Stewart Yellow Gerbera (color matched to Behr Ultra from Home Depot).


To refresh your memory, here are some before pictures:





Here is what it looks like now:





It’s definitely brighter! Almost too bright with our harsh lighting. I kinda wish it looked more like this:



But at this point I’m leaving it as is for a while. We still plan to replace the black outlets with white and take out the blue backsplash and replace that with white beadboard that will wrap around until right before the window. Maybe that will tone it down some…we’ll see! Anyone else have a yellow kitchen or have any painting projects going on?



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