Just to Keep this Blog from Dying

I haven’t posted in forever! I started slowing down on my posting because I didn’t want anything to feel forced and needed a break from putting pressure on myself. I really enjoy posting about our house and what we’re doing to it, but our energy and bank account can’t support enough projects to keep that as my only content. But I don’t want this blog to die completely because I can see myself getting more into it again in the future.

That being said, I may start posting more about different topics. And I may start sharing some of the designs I’m doing at work!

For today, I’ll share some recent life happenings from my instagram (I just upgraded to a smart phone a couple months ago and have been thoroughly enjoying the app 🙂 )



IMG_0166My best friend from my childhood came to visit me from NYC (check out the fun blog by her and her sisters http://threetwists.squarespace.com/ ), Some of our closest friends here in Denver got married, and I went to the Hospitality Design Conference in Vegas with my boss and coworker!



IMG_0216Calder and I went to Miami! It was sooo nice. I was sad to see the short vacation end.



IMG_0246We added some front landscaping (can’t wait to see it grow in!) with the help of my in-laws and we spent Memorial Day hiking a beautiful landscape (the same place we hiked over a year ago).


And we’ve been enjoying lots of time on our patio with this warmer weather! PS- the chicken pictured above is the perfect summer grilling meal. I’ll share the recipe soon!

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