June Hikes

For some reason, this summer I am extra worried about it going by too fast and before I know it, it’s over and it’s back to sweaters and boots. That is the LAST thing I want to think about right now. So we are trying to get out and enjoy the weather and especially the hiking as much as possible.

Earlier this month we went to a newly opened state park. There is a waterfall hike but we didn’t have time to do the whole thing this time. We did find an elk shed that Calder was pretty excited about!






DSC03531Since we were in a state park we couldn’t keep it, much to the hubby’s dismay.

Another weekend this month we hiked with our good friends in Rocky Mountain National Park and actually did make it to a waterfall (two, in fact!). We saw tons of wildlife including 5 moose (!) and a newborn elk that looked like Bambi and sounded like a kitten. Seriously the cutest thing ever.








the first waterfall-Alberta Falls (and my first real waterfall to see in person!)



Towards the end we were trekking through quite a bit of snow!


There’s the other waterfall in the distance!


Getting closer…you can see better how much snow there was!

photo-9Made it! Still tons of snow covering it up, but still really cool.


Calder, not surprisingly, decided to sled down part of the way on his pack. 🙂 After we got down we saw this big herd of all bull elks. Calder was like a kid in a candy store!


photo-7I didn’t get any pictures of the moose or baby elk since my phone died and I didn’t have my regular camera 😦

Last but not least we did the incline, which is sort of like a rite of passage for Colorado residents I hear. Here is a picture of it so you can get an idea of the craziness.


Incline 1And here are some terrible quality screen shots of us from the #instavideo calder made:



Most intense hour and eight minutes of my life. But so glad we made it to the top! Note to self: next time bring way more water. Note to Calder: next time don’t start sprinting up the first 50 feet. 😉

Anyone else having fun summer adventures?








5 thoughts on “June Hikes

    • It’s definitely a blessing living here and we try and get out and enjoy it as much as possible! And I really love your blog! I’m honored that you stopped by 🙂

    • Haha thanks for all the comments lady! Yes, we should have except there were rangers everywhere ready to throw us in jail if we did 😉 let’s definitely all go camping this summer!!

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