Camping with Friends!

This past weekend, Calder and I had ourselves another little adventure. We went camping in the mountains with friends and it was a blast! Despite a somewhat rocky start. AKA the campground we planned on staying in was all full so we drove around in the national park for about an hour (after we had already driven 2 hours to get to the first campsite) in the dark trying to find somewhere to camp. But, God works all things out for the good of those who love Him and the camp ground ended up being awesome! It was free first of all, but very large and flat with premade campfire pits and a handmade ladder and a rake. Not really necessary on a camp site, but really cool none-the-less. It gave the space some character (designer in me talking) :). Here is a recap of the weekend in pictures.






We spent the day saturday hiking. 11 miles to be exact. It was long but beautiful! We hiked the trail to upper cataract lake and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good trail! Especially this time of year because there are many gorgeous wildflowers at the lower elevation of the hike. Lower cataract lake is near by which is good for swimming and fishing or a shorter hike. There is a waterfall visible from it too! Next time I want to try and hike to it.










I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful landscape and have made such an amazing community of friends.


3 thoughts on “Camping with Friends!

  1. We totally want to go camping with you guys! We are going this weekend, but we should plan some time for us to all go together!!!

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