New House – Before Pictures

As most of you know, Calder and I have moved to Tampa! We were sad to leave our beloved first home, friends, and the city of Denver, but his job transferred us here and it was a great opportunity we felt like we should take. One big positive is that we can get a lot more for our money house wise than we could in Denver. So now we have our little fixer upper. We are currently camping out in one of the bedrooms while the kitchen is gutted and we wait for the dirty work to be done before we refinish our floors and move the rest of the way in. But I wanted to share some before pics so when we are done we can see how far we’ve come!





We love the bungalow charm, big backyard, and especially the big bougainvillea bush and big trees in the yard! We definitely have some ideas for the outside, but we probably wont get to those for quite some time. We hope to put an addition on the back of the house in about a year that will add and ensuite master and walk-in closet as well as give us a better laundry room space.




DSC_0580This space already looks so much better and its just bare studs right now! haha This is obviously the main project happening right now. But while we are at it we got to add some can lighting to our living room, and we are going to have our plaster walls repaired and resurfaced throughout the house.

Living/Dining Room



DSC_0585We LOVE all the light in our house. And the floors are lovely. The exposed parts were actually in pretty good shape but since we took out the carpet in the bedrooms and we are refinishing the original wood in there, we have to do it everywhere in order to get a uniform look. You can see some of the plaster damage in these pictures as well. We can’t wait to get those fixed so we can get some much needed paint in all of the rooms! And we have plans to probably white wash or paint that fireplace too.







DSC_0592We are camped out in the gold room right now!

Bathroom / Laundry Room



DSC_0584Both these spaces are not the prettiest. We are hoping to redo the bathroom around New Years (hint for parents: Home Depot gift cards for Christmas please!!!) and DIY pretty much all of that. I do like the original stained glass window though. Hopefully a new color scheme will work better with it though. The pink isn’t doing it for me. This laundry room will get torn down when we do the addition so other than cleaning and getting new laundry machines, and maybe painting we won’t really do much in here for now.

Here is the extent of our DIY projects so far:

DSC_0608We scraped the popcorn ceilings and did a little kitchen demo and QUICKLY realized we were in over our heads. Luckily we had a great contractor recommendation who has been awesome in helping us get back to the point where we can hopefully DIY some things — we’re thinking of laying the tile floors and back splash ourselves. He’s also been really great in that he’s just helping where we need him and still allowing us to get our own sub contractors so we’re saving a little money that way. Here are the tentative plans for the kitchen I threw together on sketch up:

kitchen sketch perspective 2

kitchen sketch perspective 1We met with a cabinet/counter lady today so hopefully we can get those ordered if the quote comes back okay next week! Possibly counters too. Tile shopping tomorrow! We are hoping to be mostly done by Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed!!



2 thoughts on “New House – Before Pictures

  1. Thank you for sharing. It is so fun for us to see the before and after pictures. Do I see flower box brackets on the front of your new home? So cute!

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