Got a package in the mail!

An exciting package arrived for us this weekend!


Our Europe trip photo album!!!! It is always fun to get a photo album in the mail and get to re-live those memories and also have it on hand to look at whenever!



Throughout the trip, Calder and I saved a few little trinkets to remind us of the trip throughout the way. So we have things like ticket stubs to certain attractions, a couple pressed pennies, and we sent ourselves a post card from each destination to add to the album so I left places in the scrapbook for all those things πŸ™‚


Here are some of the pages with the souvenirs attached!


The postcards were attached with stick-on photo corners so we can still easily take them out and read the message on the back.Β 


And here it is displayed for all to see!


I think it will be great to have this later in life when we have kids. I know I loved looking through my mom’s photos from her trip! If you come visit us in the future I’d love to flip through it with you πŸ™‚


New places, New spaces


Well, we are back to the states now! And in Colorado! (thanks to the use of my laptop I can add pictures to my posts!) What a whirlwind the past few days. We were greeted with a welcome back dinner from our families and that was wonderful to be able to see everyone at once before we moved. Not to mention the food was delicious, especially Calder’s mom’s Italian Cream Cake (YUM!). Then we were in Manhattan the next day loading up our stuff and saying good-byes (and meeting adorable baby Dawson Clark, what a cutie!) and then on the road again by the morning! Needless to say, I am glad to be in our final destination. Big thanks to our friends Allyn, Ben, and Jake for helping us move in! Today Calder is skiing with them and I am taking a break from this:


I was too exhausted to even think about skiing today so I am content to be here unpacking and watching HGTV (Yay for having cable!). I never really blogged about our last days in Europe so I’ll just say that Barcelona was amazing. I absolutely LOVED all the Gaudi stuff. He was such a genius architect and well ahead of his time. Also, the beachy, laid-back vibe radiated through the city even in the 30 degree weather. Our last day was actually warm enough to not wear a coat and so we spent that day at Parc Guell, buying me a moroccan lamp similar to the ones in our guesthouse that I fell in love with, and on the beach watching the surfers and eating the best (and cheapest) mango ever. Hopefully we can go back sometime in the warmer weather. We loved it so much that we are considering trying to add Barcelona to our trip to greece in 2013 (thanks to a free flight we have from british airways we have to redeem by 2014 we will be making another trip across the pond!!)

So overall, it was an experience of a lifetime and I am SO thankful to have had the opportunity to travel for that long to so many beautiful and unique places with the best travel buddy i could ask for!! Back to tackling these boxes! Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to paint a couple of accent walls and I’ll leave you with this (our bedroom color scheme via


brrr in barcelona!!

Were excited to be in barcelona! Our timing was both fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunately for us we made it here before a major (and rare) snowstorm hit Rome with super cold temperatures! They even closed the coliseum! Unfortunately barca has been hit with a cold front too and its in the thirties with wind. So much for being a warmer destination! But it is really sunny which is great!

Quick recap on Rome: we loved it! We saw the coliseum, the vatican museum which includes the Sistine chapel, st. Peters, the pantheon (my favorite) and the Trevi fountain. We could not find the Spanish steps tho! Nut we figured its just a huge staircase so we didn’t care to miss out on it lol. There are also tons of ruins and st ay cats and great food…my favorite so far! I would love to go back someday or maybe do an entire tour of Italy..but well see if that opportunity ever arises…so many other places I wanna go first. We did get soaked by rain one morning but other than that it stayed pretty dry. Cold, but dry! (Wishing those strangely warm Kansas winds would cone our way haha)

We are staying at a beautiful guesthouse and it almsot feels like our own apartment. The owner is an antiques collector and owns another property in Istanbul so there is beautiful furniture and accent pieces. (Which I love obviously) But we net a girl who is staying here before she moves into more permanent housing for a 6 month stint teaching English here. She is really sweet and we have a lot in common so we invited her to come explore with us today and it was so muchvfun to make a new friend! And encouragingbfor both ofbis as she is a Christian and we haven’t had too much Christian fellowship over here. We walked on la’s ramblas and went to the famous market la boqueria which was really awesome! We walked the whole length of it until we hit the harbor and then walked over to the beach. Its kind of weird to be on the beach when its cold. Both calder and I had this weird mentality that it would magically get warm once we hit sand lol. But it was still fun to see the waves and watch those dedicated surfers! We ended up wandering around and came to this more local market with a restaurant and the whole menu was in Spanish andbour waiter didn’t speak much English. And the Spanish here is actually Catalan so even what I have learner was not too helpful since I only know some Mexican/Latin American Spanish. So we had a little adventurous meal and guessed a few things off the tapas menu and it actually turned out really good and was a.really fun experience!

Tomorrow we plan to walk around the Gothic quarter and go see la sagrada familia!

Looking forward to being home soon! One thing ive learner about myself is that while I love traveling I am more of a homebody than I really thought! I miss everyone and we are both more than ready to have our own address again haha from now on ill be happy with travelling about a week at a time πŸ™‚

Hope u all enjoyed that amazing weather we kept reading about on facebook! Too bad I think it will be gone by the time we return!

Hidden Gem that is Slovenia

Of the many places to travel in Europe, Slovenia may not be at the top of the list for most people. But only because it is relatively unknown I would guess because its amazing here!!! We have fallen in love with this country. Ljubljana was so charming. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it. Its much smaller so there’s really no hustle and bustle but it has all the old architecture, narrows roads, and cobblestone streets. Since there only a couple major sights we didn’t feel so rushed to cram a bunch of stuff in. We even spent the evening climbing at an indoor rock climbing gym that calder found out about from an outdoor store we were in. My favorite thing was probably hiking up to the hilltop castle and looking out from there. It was nice because there were some areas that you could go in without paying and was surrounded by a park with hiking trails. In the summer its the type of place you could situate an outdoor patio for hours. It was really sunny and Linda warm…but not quite warm enough for that for us unfortuneately lol.
The next day we took the train into theslovenian mountains to Bohinj where we planned to ski/snowboard. We stopped for lunch inBled which was seriously lake a fairy tale! The train station was the opposite side of the lake as the city center so we walkedthenature trail around the lake to a restaurant where weateand had a famous bled cream cake for dessert which was delicious!!! We saw postcards where thecity was covered in snow andthe whole lake was frozen enoughfor people to walk to the island but obviously it has been a mild winter for them because there was no snow and there were still boats on the lake lol.

From there we took a bus to bohinj on some very winding roads aand got a little car Dick hsha luckily the scenery was beautiful with cute towns and crystal clear streams. Today was supposed to be our skiing day which sadly did not work out. The whole mountain was covered in dense fog! We decided to try for it anyway since its our only chance practically but ar only made it like less than an hour before we called it quits. You can look at pica on calder or my facebook to see how foggy it was..literally could only see about 50 ft in front of us! Luckily the ski shop was nice and didn’t charge us for the rental! So today we have been hanging out in our room which is ok with us because we could use a rest day haha plus we have free wifi in the room and satelittle Tv and just watched the Australian open! Tomorrow we get to ride the train through Italy to Rome! Hopefully we will get to see some lovely scenery πŸ™‚ pray for clear weather because I think its supposed to rain the whole time were there too 😦 missing everyone!


So I finally slept normal hours last night without the help of a sleeping pill! Yay! Calder and our hosts, brad and Kari mullet, are watching the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid game as I write this. I’m pretty tired so ill prob fall asleep haha. And tomorrow we activate our euraik pass and train to Ljubljana, Slovenia and we go through the Austrian Alps πŸ™‚ it should be a really pretty ride!

We have had a great time in Budapest and we both say it’s our favorite stop so far. The architecture is gorgeous and the landscape is hilly and the Danube is pretty. Plus we have gotten to have a more local experience because we have participated in the Hungarian church and English lessons that our hosts provide for the locals. They have lived here for several years so they have a strong community. All the Hungarian people we have met have been very kind and funny πŸ™‚

Monday we saw most of the major sites and my favorites were castle hill and the covered market. Also the bascillica is one of the prettiest we have been in because the interior is all colorful marble! Yesterday we went to the terror house museum which was really interesting and was about first the Nazi and then the Soviet occupation and it was invthe former police headquarters for both those parties and they used the basement of the building for torture chambers for opposers. But they did a great job of explainjngvthe history and the circumstances of the time. Then we spent the afternoon relaxingvin the Turkish mineral baths they have here! It was awesome! There were many indoor pools of all different temperatures, saunas, steamrooms, and a hot exterior pool which was fun πŸ™‚ too bad it wasn’t snowinvthouh because that would have been even better!

Today we took a day trip to Vienna with the mullets and that was great too but was freezing outside! One more stop before the warmer weather of Rome and Barcelona! Cant wait for that!

Miss you all! See u in 2 weeks!

crazy day in Paris

So today has been the most interesting of our trip so far. We decided to spend our last day eating yummy food and exploring the montemarte district. We rode the metro to the sacre couer stop and startedthe trek up the hill to see it. We were at the base when we experienced our first scam! These guys from Kenya grabbed our hands and slipped some string around our fingers to start making a bracelet…you know lime the friendship bracelets you used to make when you were a kid. They were halfway done with it before weeven knew what was going on lol and they tried to make us believe that everyone got one before going up to sacre couer and we just went with it figuring wed just give them a couple euros when they were done. Well we gave them a 10 euro note because they said they would give us change but then they tried to say we needed to pay 10 each! We def weren’t going to pay that much fir a string bracelet so after some arguing we just left and said sorry were not giving u more.

We climbed up and saw the cathedral which is really awesome. Probably both of our favorite building in Paris. Annd montemarte is our favorite district because they have narrow cobblestone steets with all these cute cafes and art stands. We were about to find somewhere to have crepes when calder realized he didn’t have his wallet! He was sure he left it in the
room tho and that it wasn’t pickpocketed. And we had given basically all
our cash to those Kenyans so we had to go aback to the hotel to get it. But I realized some how my train pass had fallen out of my pocket and so we had to walk all the way back to our hotel since we didnthave enough cash to get another pass
We made a pitstop to see moiling rouge and then walked back to get the wallet. When we got back we didn’t see it right away and had a mini freakout until it was under some clothes. We were finally ready to go with no more stressors! So we got our crepes (which were delicious) and then decided to head towards Luxembourg gardens. Luckily the rain kinds brokeso we were able to walk around without getting wet but we then stumbled on some huge Turkish protest and got stuck in that for quite a while tying to get to the entrance of the gardens. Still don’t know what they were protesting but there were thousand of people with Turkish flags and signs!

So we defcame aqua from today with some interesting stories. Paris itself has been pretty good..definitely a little rougher than London. I think we would have had a totally different experience had it not been raining the whole time either. But overall we had a lot of fun and ate some good food! Off to Budapest tomorrow!

Hopefully u can figure out what I’m saying with all these typos because I cant go back and fix them very easily on this kindle lol. Miss you all!

London Experiences!

Bonsoir from Paris!

We just arrived from London today. What a shock haha we cant understand anyone or any signs…but after being here a few hours I think we are starting to get the hang of it. Unfortunately the weather is not great…drizzly and chilly so not the best for walking around but we decided to go ahead and manuever the metro to get to the Eiffel tower and arc de triomphe.

I was hoping to be able to include pics in these posts but my kindle wont let me load them 😦 which is part of the reason I haven’t posted yet Bc I was trying to figure it out but I gave up lol. Please refer to facebook to see pictures πŸ™‚

Recap of London:
On Monday we walked around ALOT and saw many of the major sights. The parliament/big ben was amazing up close looking at that detailing in the architecture. Same with Westminster abbey! We are on a pretty tight budget tho so we didn’t do much that you had to pay for admission. That night we went to a sports bar to watch a soccer match calder wanted to watch and we ended up inviting a middle aged man to sit with us Bc he
was just standing there for a while looking for a place to sit. He was great and pretty drunk but he was really friendly and loved caldera because they were both fans of Tottenham spurs and even said we could stay with him and his family next time we were in England haha

Tuesday we slept late because we could not fall asleep the night before until like 5 am. Still adjusting to jet lag…also our room had no windows so it was hard to wake up. We went to get some croissants and fruit from the grocery store and went to hyde park for the morning/early afternoon where we fed ducks and calder almost got attacked by a squirrel. Surprisingly there were still som flowers blooming and green grass at the park! We saw the London bridge and st. Paul’s cathedral and even got to listen to the choir at the cathedral. That night we saw the Lion king which was AMAZING! We were both amazed by.the creativitiy of the costumes and sets! And we had aisle seats so in some of the songs the characters would go right by us.

Wednesday we slept kinda late again but wanted to make sure to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace…we were alittle late tho and there was a huge crowd which for some reason I wasn’t expecting so we didn’t see much of it. After that we spent the afternoon at the V & A museum and the natural history museum (both free). By that night we were exhausted so we just hung out in a starbucks for quite a while and then went and had a traditional British meal at a pub!

The weather forecast forparis for the whole time were here is not looking good but hopefully we can still enjoy the city! Pray for good weather for us πŸ™‚ love to our friends and family. We miss you all!

World Travelers

Tomorrow Calder and I become worldΒ travelers. This is Calder’s first time overseas and my first time in ten years. So exciting! At this point it hasn’t hit me yet, it just feels like another night. I suppose it will hit me when we are on the plane tomorrow, but maybe not until we are standing in London! Anyway, I just made this blog for our friends and family to follow our activity while we are abroad for the next few weeks. I also plan to continue updating when we are back to keep everyone in the loop once we move to Denver πŸ™‚ I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try and make it entertaining!

We have both been battling colds the past week and I’m happy to report we are both feeling 90% better. So thankful to have fully functional nostrils again! Prayers for continued health and safety are much appreciated! Next time I update we’ll be in Europe!