An Excellent Excursion in Playa del Carmen

I’m back today with one more Mexico recap and recommendation! I mentioned in this post that we did an excursion on our recent trip to Mexico. Although often these tour-guided trips can be pricey, I thought this one was worth it! The one we did was with Mayaland tours and was called Tulum & Tankah. We were able to book it right at our hotel which was very convenient. One great thing about this company was that the size of our tour group was relatively small. We only had about 5 couples in our group, which made the experience feel less touristy. The other I loved about this particular excursion was how it combined elements of history with adventure. DSC03631 I’ve been to Playa del Carmen a handful of times in my life, but I had never been to any of the Mayan ruins. We were excited (well okay, I was more excited about this part than Calder) to be able to visit some ruins at Tulum! These ruins aren’t the biggest structures in the area, but they sit right on the coast and once acted as a popular port city. The site was beautiful! I love seeing ruins and imagining what life was like when they were fully functioning buildings. DSC03633 DSC03638 DSC03643After spending some time exploring and checking out the “secluded” beach (not so secluded if you count the droves of tourists!) we were back in the van heading to the eco-adventure village called Tankah. This village is inhabited by Mayan descendants still trying to keep some of their culture alive. On site, they had several cenotes that we swam in and zip-lined over. photo 4_2_2_2_2_2 DSC03646After an authentic Mayan lunch, we got to go off-roading in some Jeep wranglers. The boys took turns driving the car and the off-road trail was actually a lot more exciting than we were expecting! Calder loved it so much, when we got home he traded in his truck for one. (Not kidding, we had one within a week hahaha! My husband can be quite impulsive 😉 ) photo 2_2_2_2If you’re planning a trip to the Yucatan and are wanting to do a guided excursion, I definitely recommend this one. The variety of activities will ensure you don’t get bored and the small size of the group will also enhance your experience. Happy planning!

My Favorite Day in Mexico

Happy Cinco de Mayo weekend! I thought I’d keep with the theme and share a little about our Mexico trip.

About two months ago, we went to Mexico on vacation. It was so much fun to escape winter and relax with some good friends of ours. We stayed at an all-inclusive, which really adds to the carefree feeling of a vacation. But my favorite thing we did was off resort grounds: rent scooters and snorkel gear and ride around Cozumel.

scooter post4

I HIGHLY recommend you do this if you go to the Playa Del Carmen/Cozumel area. After walking to the pier from our resort on the Playa Del Carmen side, we went to purchase tickets for the ferry (about $15 per person each way). We passed a woman who started asking us what our plans were on the island and we told her we wanted to rent scooters and snorkel.

scooter post1

Of course, she was a sales lady trying to sell us scooter rental, but she actually was telling the truth when she said it was less expensive to rent them on the Playa side because on Cozumel they mark them up for cruises. We were able to buy a voucher from her for only $25 per scooter for the whole day! We just took the voucher to her company’s office on the Cozumel side and noticed that we saved about $10 on the scooter rental. It always feels good to realize you weren’t scammed!

scooter post2The scooters had baskets on the back that held our snorkel gear. I loved how we had the freedom to just ride wherever we wanted. At the south tip of the island there is an area called the virgin beaches. I think it’s called this because there are no resorts or any development on the beaches. They have some rocky areas and the water is kind of rough, but it had such an untouched natural beauty. We were basically the only people on the beach and it was cool to feel like we had it all to ourselves.

scooter post 3It’s hard to beat the smell of the sea air and the feeling of the sun’s warmth soaking into your skin. The road ran right next to the shore for most of the time and the views were unending. Since we also got snorkel gear, we took advantage of being able to stop whenever we wanted to check out some of the snorkeling. Calder and our friends found some really awesome sea creatures! I’m not very good at snorkeling without a life vest, so after a little stint I just sunbathed on the beach. No complaints on that! I could have ridden around for much longer, but we had to catch the ferry back to the mainland.

scooter post

While we did several fun things on this trip (look for another post on the excursion we did soon), this was definitely my favorite and the best bang for your buck! If you’re heading south anytime soon, don’t skip out on this! Has anyone else rented scooters on vacation? I think Calder and I will seek this out on all our future trips as well!