Inspired Interiors: Greek Islands

It’s no secret to those who know me that I love to dream about travel ALMOST as much as I love to actually travel. I thought it would be fun to combine my love of travel with my love of design and create a space inspired by my a cool destination. One of my dream destinations is the Greek Islands, especially Santorini. Although I haven’t actually been there yet, there are plenty of gorgeous photos to inspire me! The bright white contrasting with the bright blues of the rooftop and the ocean, the character & history in every old street. Inspiration is not hard to find.

Here is a small sample for your day-dreaming pleasure 🙂

greece pics collage

 (photo sources: first, second, third)

greek inspired interiorSources: Sofa // Side Table // Art // Pillow 1 (only $10!) // Pillow 2 // Pillow 3 // Side Chair // Coffee Table // Ship in a Bottle // Driftwood Sculpture // Lamp // Rug (trade source)

What do you think? Would you feel like you’re in Greece in this living room?

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New Curtains

House projects are coming along slower nowadays, but our living room has a welcome new addition. I bought curtains over a week ago and we finally got them hung on friday 🙂 Part of that has to do with the hardware we chose to hang them.

The curtains are from IKEA and I love them. Light and airy with a touch of detailing that keeps them from being too boring. The stitched stripes add visual height, a touch of black to tie in with other elements in the room, and  provides a handmade feel (although they are in no way handmade by me 😉 ).

These are the sheers that came with the house. They provide almost no privacy and are not exactly attractive either..(this picture was taken right before we hung the new ones, hence the random chairs and tools laying around)


And here are the new ones. It was impossible to get a good front-on picture during the day with my camera/novice photography skills. Hopefully these photos give you the gist!




We used pipe fittings from Home Depot as our curtain rod to go with the eclectic/rustic/indutrial/modern look we have going on in here 🙂


Still to come in this room is potentially a floor lamp in the corner by the curtains, a new pillow cover that I hope to use my new sewing machine for (!)  and a wall clock project. And whatever else may come up!

Have a great week!

Our Newly Finished Accent Wall!

This past weekend I finally finished painting the accent wall in our living room. It sat almost done for quite some time, and now its complete!

Royal Design Studio was generous enough to offer me the chance to review one of their newest stencils, the Casbah Trellis. It was perfect for our accent wall. They have so many fun choices and I am already looking forward to my next stencil related project.

Though the process is tedious, and those corners were pretty tricky, the hubs and I think it is totally worth it. Judge for yourself!

Just for reference, here’s what the living room looked like when we moved in (minus the furniture):

And here it is now!

The pictures don’t do it justice. I went back and forth about what colors to use, but finally decided on the same grey as the main walls with gold accents. I used a Martha Stewart metallic gold paint from Home Depot. Since the gold is so reflective, it was hard to get a good picture and this is the best one, but hopefully you are able to get an idea of the impact it has!

In order to get from the before to after, it took me about 12 hours of this:

Even though it can be tedious, Royal Design Studio’s product makes it easy to make sure things are staying lined up and is very durable. I used their stencil brush which was also helpful to get even coverage. One thing I learned though, GOOD TAPE IS KEY! I did the first side of the wall with regular painter’s tape, and the other side with the edge lock Scotch Blue tape and it made a world of difference. You could also use spray adhesive, which they recommend but I didn’t have any and I had plenty of tape.

Here is one finished side in the natural light:

The glass block windows made it impossible to get a good picture of the whole wall in natural light unfortunately. But I think it looks great with the sunburst mirror!

Have you ever done a stencil project? Be sure to check out Royal Custom Design and all their choices!

Industrial Chic Living Room Design

A few weeks ago, I had the joy of designing a living room for none other than Calder and my’s wedding photographer, Erica and Jeff Short. (Totally recommend them if you are looking for a photographer in the Kansas City area!) They shared with me that they like clean, light design and Erica’s pinterest boards helped me further see into her design style. The fun part for me is that our styles are pretty identical!

This living room is what I’m calling “industrial chic”. It has a clean, neutral color palette with color pops here and there, as well as some industrial touches and they currently own a vintage camera and vintage book collection that added to the charm. Check out the mood board and design drawings below!


I think it’s safe to say that this style has become “on trend” and that grey is the new neutral. What do you think? Are you liking this trend towards natural and vintage materials and objects? Do you have a favorite design style?

PS- I do offer design services currently, but will likely be changing the services I offer and merging the business with this blog. For now, you can check out the Main Street Charm tab at the top of this page if you’re interested, or head over to the website here!