Layered Mantelscapes

So our new place has a non-functioning fireplace in the living room. Bummer it doesn’t function (it’s actually covered with tile and a huge electrical outlet, yuck.) We will probably try and remedy that later but for now I’m grateful for having a mantel! So excited to hang stockings from it this Christmas! Until then, I’ve been brainstorming how I want to decorate it and I’m really loving the layered mantel look right now.

I like the idea of leaning some pieces instead of hanging them. It give such a multidimensional look.

An asymmetrical arrangement adds visual interest. Just be careful to not go too crazy and make it look cluttered. Clustering If you are wanting to display several items, consider clustering them into a group that reads as one larger object to help prevent the mantel from looking too cluttered.

I like this one with the mirror behind to create a backdrop of sorts. This is a good solution if you just have drywall above your mantel as opposed to brick or trim.

Play with the scale of the different items as well. Don’t only use small pieces or only large pieces. Try to create a balance with sizing. Side note: I love the initial. Totally got an awesome idea from a blog that is on the ever growing project list for our living room 🙂 Here are some of my ideas for our mantel (fyi Calder has given me almost free reign on our upstairs…I do run my ideas by him though of course! And he gets to have the basement as a man cave.) :

-But in an “S” of course:

-I plan to make a graphic print of the verse Psalm 19:14, one of my favorites and a verse I try to live by daily (I will share the print after I make it!)

-Either a large gold framed mirror if we can find a decent one at a garage sale or thrift store, or the large clock we already have refinished in some way. Maybe gold. I’m obsessed with gold right now. This is the clock I’m talking about:

I might try out our wedding canvas on the mantel too. Not sure it will get a permanent place there though. You can see it in this photo over one the right…along with my cutie Finny kitty!

Lastly, as soon as my friend Emily (who also made this pitcher) makes more of these babies I’m snatching at least one colored one up! Aren’t they adorable!?

Can you tell I’m excited to get started on our long list of projects?! It’s going to be a fun and long process to make our house our own. Be sure to stick around to follow along with our home improvement adventures.

What are your thoughts on the layered mantel look?

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2 thoughts on “Layered Mantelscapes

  1. Jenna,
    I LOVE your advice about decorating mantels……I am inspired to rearrrange my “linear” look, and add some “layers” now. Hope all is well in Colorado! Love your blog!!!

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