Exposed Brick Walls

With the strong possibility of us being homeowners in about a month, both Calder and I’s mind have been reeling with project ideas! Our house is an old home (built in 1900) with brick exterior walls and party walls. The wall between us and our neighbors (we’re the end unit of a triplex) runs the entire length of our house and we are playing with the idea of exposing the brick. It’s visible from every room except the basement. Once we get the official approval (talk about a long process…) I will post pictures of the actual place so you can see what wall I’m talking about!

Calder wants to leave it red…if it is red haha we won’t know until we uncover it…and I want to whitewash it. I think red brick is also beautiful, but will be too overwhelming for our space. However, I’m loving the more subtle, yet still highly textured look that the white washed brick achieves.

This London apartment is to die for. Click the picture for a full tour! (Bedroom pictured below)

This is the same kitchen pictured above but with moodier lighting. The picture links to a DIY tutorial for whitewashing brick if you’re interested!

So what is your vote? Are you guys fans of exposed brick? Do you prefer it white washed or are you not partial to either style?

7 thoughts on “Exposed Brick Walls

  1. I am a big fan of exposed brick(assuming its red). Its classic and adds a style that cannot be replicated once the bricks have been whitewashed or painted.

    • My husband thanks you for your vote 😉 haha you are right, it looks great red! Just not sure it’s right for our space as I don’t want to use much red lol. We’ll keep you posted!

  2. I think I prefer the natural color of the brick, but it really depends on the actual brightness of it. if it’s dark red, then I would give it a little wash, but if it’s aged, then it might be fine as is. I think this is one question that will have to wait for the unveiling!!!

  3. Wow, this is a hard one Jenn because I like both looks. I guess it would depend on your space and the condition and look of the brick. Also what furniture you will be using in the space. Love the pics featuring both because just as soon as I saw one I liked, I saw another of the opposite choices. I know whatever you chose it will be beautiful and totally you guys!

  4. Really like exposed brick. I usually like it the way it is revealed…however it comes out from under a later layer…think it preserves the integrity and character of the myriad changes to walls over time. Ken….

  5. For myself, I think I’d prefer the original brick. However, I’m a stickler for preservation so my two-cents can only operate in a very narrow window! Either way, you’ll make it look wonderful 🙂

    • That seems to be the general consensus! I do like original as well, but in our context I’m worried it will make the hallway too dark and cramped feeling. One more week(ish) and we can see what it actually looks like!!

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